“…the worlds first Whatsapp photo booth.”

Any cellphone at your event can send photo’s directly to our mini photo booth for hire


Snap a Photo using any cell phone at the event


Send unlimited photos straight to the photo booth with any cellphone. Simply Whatsapp to your machine.


Or, Share your photo to Instagram using your event #hashtag


Print out your branded photo as a unique polaroid .

It's finally here! Let us share in your excitement!
Your event only comes around once in a life time. Let your guests share those moments and become your event photographers, printing the moments of your event from their cellphones.
Staff included

Our team is bubbly and full of smiles. They attend each event as a promoters to help guests with posting and printing.

No hidden costs

Unlimited printing, staff supplied, easy to use with support and smiles. A stress free booking system. Its a Cheap photo booth rental and one of a kind.

Cost effective

Our pricing model is simple and direct. All inclusive of staffing and unlimited printing. Servicing Western Cape and KZN.

Instagram Printing

It's easy as everyday Instagram posting. Snap, use the event Hashtag and Print.

Made With Love

It's design is classy and modern. Compact in size, no bigger than a laptop, lightweight, wireless with our own in-house software.

Whatsapp Printing

It's as easy as sending pictures to your friends. Snap, Send the photos to the Whatsapp number and Print.

``From your heart to your hands, and back again. Let us turn your priceless moments into tangible memories.``